4 Tablespoons a Day and the Cancer is Gone

The Famous Russian Scientist Reveals the Most Powerful Homemade Remedy

Many people claim that the recipe of the famous Russian scientist Hristo Mermerski is a revolutionary homemade cure that can help people cure cancer.

“It’s a food for treating the entire body, and cancer in that kind of body will withdraw.” said Professor Mermerski during one of his lectures.

This incredible, homemade remedy cleanses the blood vessels, cures the heart, boosts the immune system, cleanses the liver and kidneys. It also improves memory, protects your heart from suffering a heart attack and it’s the best natural remedy against all types of cancer.

The Recipe


  • 15 fresh lemons
  • 12 fresh garlic cloves
  • 35 oz. natural honey (~990gr)
  • 14 oz. sprouted grains (green wheat ~400gr)
  • 14 oz. fresh walnuts (~400gr)

How to make sprouted grains:
Put the green wheat in a big, glass bowl. Pour water to cover them and leave them overnight. After 12 hours, drain the grains, rinse them and again drain (strain through gauze). Put the drained wheat in a bowl and let it stay for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you’ll get sprouted grains.

Grind the walnuts, sprouted wheat and the previously cleaned, garlic cloves. Grind 5 lemons with their crust and then add them to the sprouted wheat mixture. Squeeze the other 10 lemons and add the lemon juice to the mixture. Mix the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Add the honey and stir with a wooden spoon. Put the mixture in glass jars and place them in the fridge. Let it stay in the fridge for 3 days before using it.

How to Consume the Remedy
Take 1-2 tbsp. 30 minutes before breakfast, dinner and before going to bed. If you use the remedy to treat cancer, take 1-2 tbsp. every 2 hours.

Dr. Mermerski says that this remedy helps you have a long, healthy life, cures cancer and keeps your body youthful and energetic.

“This remedy contains all essential vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It improves the work of your organs and glands and keeps your body healthy. No cancer can survive in a healthy body.” explains Dr. Mermenski.

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Source: healthadvisorgroup.com