Get Instant Cleavage Using This Simple Contouring Technique

The object of this beauty hack is to trick the mind into seeing a perkier, more even bust. Thankfully, Promise Tamang, a popular make-up guru known for her awesome YouTube tutorials, achieves her goal in a tasteful and artful way, without “laying it on too thick”, so to speak. First, she takes her contour stick and draws the shape of a bird, or V-shape, on her chest and collarbones. Then, she highlights the areas with a concealer stick down to the cleavage. The next step is to blend everything using a foundation brush, making sure there is no trace of concealer.

Watch the video below for the detailed step-by-steps, and tell me what you think of the end result. Since the effect is rather dramatic, Promise says she doesn’t recommend doing this on a regular basis. Instead, she says this is a great trick for a Photo-shoot or special event.

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