How to Avoid Packing on the Pounds During Vacation

It’s normal for people preparing for a vacation to dedicate weeks to losing weight and getting in shape so they can show off their physiques once they arrive at their destination. Unfortunately, vacationers usually end up leaving much heavier than they were when they first started their getaway. With all the time and effort put into slimming down, going home with extra baggage could be a downer.

Vacation is a time to let loose and get away from familiar surroundings. Most people indulge in activities they normally wouldn’t engage in the back home or don’t have direct access to, such as water sports, sightseeing and getting pampered at a day spa. Another perk that comes with enjoying a little R&R is the food. No vacation would be complete with frequenting buffets, ordering room service and making reservations at the best restaurants.

It’s normal to be concerned about packing on the pounds during vacation but on the flip side, being too limited in food choices could make for a miserable experience—the last thing anyone wants while trying to relax. However, there is a way to have the best of both worlds. It might take some discipline and effort but it’s certainly not impossible.

Be an Avid Snacker
Snacking right is the perfect way to start each morning and get you through until dinnertime. Purchase your own groceries and store them in the hotel room fridge instead of relying on the gift shop or room service whenever you have the munchies. Stock up on fruits, veggies, nuts, yogurt—whatever will keep your stomach full until the next big meal. Healthy snacks allow you to indulge and beat hunger pangs without overdosing your body on excess calories.

Learn to Love Leftovers
Dining out is a fun experience and the menu items to choose from are obviously going to be tempting. To avoid going overboard, opt for lighter dishes that aren’t swimming in heavy sauces, creams or layers of cheeses. Simply can’t stay away from these items? Then practice portion control. That means stop eating once you feel absolutely full. To keep yourself from continuing to eat, immediately ask for a to-go-box so that the food is not readily within reach.

Leftovers are great for next day lunches, which will not only allow you to continue enjoying what you’ve ordered outside of the restaurant, it’s a great way to save money since you won’t have to buy more food the next time you feel hungry.

Play It Smart During Happy Hour
Unwanted weight gain doesn’t just happen as a result of overindulging during meals. Think about the amounts of alcoholic beverages vacationers consume during the normal happy hour. That’s a lot of calories…and they do nothing but contribute to a person’s weight.

That’s not to say that people shouldn’t enjoy a few drinks here and there but if you’re conscious about tipping the scale, learn how to make smarter choices when placing your drink order. Nearly all drink menus these days list the total calories each contains. Use this info to your advantage. Opt for a “light” version of your favorite drinks or ask the bartender to whip up something that isn’t heavy on the calories. You’ll still get a nice buzz but without feeling guilty.