How to Make Stripes Work for Your Body Type

Body shape and type plays a large part in fashion and dressing in a way that flatters the figure. Who would have known that this could also be applied to stripes? It may be hard to believe, but wearing the wrong type of stripes could end up making your outfit a fashion don’t instead of a fashion do… and you might not even realize it!

Stripes can go so wrong, so fast. Before reaching out to buy just any striped outfit at the store, it is a good idea to take any and all of the following information into account so that you don’t end up with a purchase you’ll wing up regretting.

The last thing a woman with a tall figure and not many curves wants is to be reminded of this. Choosing the wrong type of stripes to wear, however, could end up doing just that. To wear stripes smartly, women with long and lean figures will want to opt for something most people wouldn’t normally suggest: mixing stripes.

Very few can pull off wearing horizontal stripes with vertical stripes in one outfit but if anyone can do it, long and lean body types can. The reason why this works is that, when paired together, the overall effect creates the illusion of instant curves in all the right places. But that doesn’t mean any combination of stripes will work. To get the best results, look for a dress that incorporates this style. Vertical stripes on top with horizontal stripes on the bottom look fantastic on this body type.

Vertical stripes on top with horizontal stripes on the bottom

Pear-shaped gals also have the ability to make a stripe combination work for them. However, this body type will want to do the opposite: horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes at the bottom. We all know that vertical stripes create a natural slimming effect so having this design on the bottom half of a dress makes for the ideal solution to play down wide hips with little effort.

Horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes at the bottom

Got too many curves? Stripes can make or break this body shape, too. Instead of choosing between horizontal or vertical stripes, break out of the mold by opting for blouses and dresses that use diagonal striped patterns. Pay attention to the size/width of the stripes as well. Too skinny and it’ll be an eyesore, too big, and it may emphasize your figure – and not in a good way. Medium-size diagonal stripes work wonders for curvy body shapes as well as petite figures.

Diagonal striped

What about the fellas? Stripes look amazing on the male figure when worn right, especially when it comes to suits and dress shirts. Luckily, the fashion advice for this category is pretty simple for the guys: vertical stripes for heftier male body shapes and horizontal stripes for men who are tall and thin.

Horizonal stripes Vertical stripes