How to Make Work Not Feel Like Work (If You’re Self Employed)

Most people dream of being self-employed. This career choice certainly comes with its own set of perks. But, contrary to popular belief, being your own boss isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Even those that work from home tend to get the workplace blues and find themselves bored by routine. There are ways to break out of this funk and remind yourself why being self-employed is so awesome.

Not all people who are self-employed run their businesses the same way. However, there are some common areas. Depending on the nature of your business, it’s important to tailor these workplace blues breakers so that it works in harmony with your current schedule.

Make Conference Calls Less Sterile
Conference calls sometimes can’t be avoided. Although people that get to work from home have the luxury of hanging out in their pajama bottoms during meetings, sometimes this seemingly nice perk can get mundane. Most people would agree that conference calls, in general, aren’t very entertaining and if you need a new way to liven things up, there are fun alternatives to try out (if you’re not on a Skype call).

The next time a phone conference comes around, take it outside. Getting to work out of one’s house is nice but at times it’s necessary to get away from familiar surroundings. Grab your earbuds, don some comfy threads and balance work and play by taking a brisk walk during the call. Worried about others on the call finding out? Choose an area that isn’t very noisy and put the phone on mute during the times when you’re not talking. This is a great way to stay fit and get business done without anyone being the wiser.

Arrange Lunch Dates
Taking lunch when you’re self-employed means no time limits, restrictions or rules. It’s a benefit most 9-5 folks don’t have but even lunchtime for the self-employed can be lonely, especially if it mainly consists of walking to the kitchen and tossing something in the microwave.

Instead of being solo during this time, arrange a lunch date with friends. Even if everyone else you know isn’t self-employed, simply work your schedule so that you can meet up with them during their lunch break. This could be a quick bite at the local café or enjoying a sit-down lunch for 30 minutes to an hour at your favorite restaurant. Arranging social lunch dates with friends a few days out of the week is a wonderful way to break the monotony, as well as stay up to date on what everyone has been up to.

Start Becoming a DIY Guru
The ability to take care of business, as well as things around the house, is a winning combo every self-employed person should embrace. Not sure what to do with any free time or downtime that comes your way during the work week? Start creating a to-do list of projects that you’ve always put on the back burner.

Take advantage of a flexible schedule and—depending on the workload—set aside 1-2 hours (or whatever is realistic) each day that is solely for the to-do list. From cleaning a junked up room and donating old clothes to learning how to cook healthier meals and redecorating a space, this is an effective way to do something that’s not work-related and will guarantee feelings of accomplishment afterward.