How to Rock the Nude Look Daily (We’re Talking Makeup!)

Wearing layers of caked-on makeup is so out. What’s in now is a more natural, fresh-faced look. This is great for beauty fans that crave simplicity in their daily routine, as well as women who have always wanted to get dolled up but without having to become a slave to a slew of makeup items. Beauty gurus and newbies alike will be happy to know that the nude trend has moved on from nail color to the makeup palette!

The secret with the nude look is that it works with your natural skin tone and plays up your favorite features but in a way that doesn’t require a lot of colors. Go to any drugstore or department store makeup counter and you’ll see countless options for nude lip color, nude eye shadows, lip liners, bronzers, and blushes. But not all nude shades are created equal. Women should choose items based on their own skin tones when shopping around.

Perhaps the easiest tip to remember when it comes to this subject is to choose shades of nude makeup that are one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Having trouble finding a good match or is your complexion a combination of colors? Put trust in the recommendations of a makeup artist or salesperson at the counter who is familiar with the products. Have them match colors for you to take the pressure and guesswork out of the equation.

The key is to keep a light hand when applying makeup to achieve the nude look. Overdoing it with the foundation, eye makeup, blush and lip color will defeat the purpose and the end result won’t look very natural at all.

Once you’ve got your colors and products in place, it’s time to start putting everything together into one nude masterpiece!

The quickest way to ruin the nude makeup look is by starting off with heavy, cakey foundation. Pick a base that works for your skin type but that is lightweight. The foundation should be barely there. The goal is to create an overall uniform skin tone. Want a nice change from a foundation? Apply tinted moisturizer instead.

The minimalist approach applies to all areas of the face when it comes to the nude makeup look. The eye area is no exception. Don’t worry about applying eyeshadow to the lid (if you do, make sure it’s a light shimmer that isn’t glittery or metallic in appearance). It’s okay to use a neutral color primer to prevent creasing if you end up using foundation and apply it to the lids.
Aside from that, the only action necessary for the eye area is to use a light coat of mascara and no liner. It’s really that simple for the nude look!

If you choose to play up your eyes with light shimmer eyeshadow, go light on the blush or skip adding color to the cheeks altogether. Another alternative is to keep the lids naked and focus a bit of color on the cheeks. Opt for a blush that brings out the cheeks in a way that isn’t too rosy. Depending on skin tone, going a shade or two darker could be just the trick. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what you like best.

There’s nothing more amazing than finding a nude lip color that goes well with your natural skin tone. The best finish for the lips when pulling together the nude makeup look is a cream product or even regular lip balm. Avoid going too matte or too glossy. A stained look is ideal.