Alicia Murray
As a model, I depend on my looks to earn a living, I need to pay extra attention to how my body looks and feels. So, I’m soooo glad I found this gem of a book because it has it all. It is so easy to follow and have so many tips, techniques and recipes… I can’t wait to try them all! After I started applying what I learned from the guide, my skin began to glow radiantly! It looks fresh and rejuvenated. My friends keep asking me what’s my secret? Everyone thinks that I get some special potions and lotions because I’m a model. This is completely wrong. The natural techniques found in the “The Ultimate Beauty Guide” is all I use now.”

Alicia Murray – A Runway Model, Sacramento CA

Jamie Cole
“I’ve read it cover to cover several times and come back to it for quick references on a regular basis. I used to be the kind of girl who reads ‘Glamour’ religiously, spent loads of money on trendy products I was never happy with, and rarely thought about the long-term effects of my lifestyle habits. Then I read this book, full of excellent recipes for natural beauty products made with herbs and everyday items. Never buy an expensive cream again… these are much better and homemade!!! Now I happily blow past the beauty mags, use only natural products I know will benefit me, and enjoy feeling healthy and beautiful.”

Jamie Cole – Operations Manager, Oklahoma City

Sophie Moss
“It is a very empowering and uplifting book. The beauty tips are invaluable, I am only part way through trying them out and they work. It’s the type of book you re-read and each time you uncover something further that speaks to you motivates and best of all works.”

Sophie Moss – Sales Manager, UK

Emily Lane
“This book is not just about skincare or makeup, it is a book that is about all over the beauty from the inside out. Detailed inside is everything from makeup to hair to exercise and teeth whitening. In short, this book has everything in it that you need to know to look your best. Thank you so much for this truly amazing book. It’s exactly like you said – The Ultimate Beauty Guide!”

Emily Lane – New York

Victoria Ward
“Great read! Totally worth the price. I haven’t come across information and techniques like these anywhere else – and that’s saying a lot because I’m always constantly looking for new ways to look and feel better and healthier. What I admire about this book is how it takes a natural methodology without relying on any potentially harmful chemicals and techniques. There are so many different tips that I’m sure anyone can find something useful from this, no matter their age or routine. Can’t wait to start incorporating many of these beauty tips into my daily routine.”

Victoria Ward – Online Entrepreneur, San Francisco

Katie Warren
“This book has saved me lots of money. I feel that I no longer have to be searching shelves for magazines that offer the ‘latest in beauty tips’. I did so because I hadn’t found anything that covered ‘beauty’ in the complete sense. It has always been a tip here and a tip there. But that way you don’t keep all your tips together and you can lose them just as easy.
With ‘The Ultimate Beauty Guide – Head to Toe Homemade Beauty Tips and Treatments for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit’ you have the complete package. Not only do you find out how to apply makeup to enhance your facial features, but if you had a beauty problem of some sort then you were told how to fix that first so that the end result would look so good. Not just a matter of covering up a problem you had. The natural approach also was a plus for me. It tells you how to enhance your beauty from the inside out!”

Katie Warren – Salt Lake

Mary Jane Spiller
“Wow, this is the most impressive book (and I bought a few before this one). I am always on the lookout for beauty tips. I feel like I missed something along the way when it comes to putting on makeup and fixing my hair. This is part of the reason “The Ultimate Beauty Guide” caught my eye. It is a wonderful resource for diet, skin and hair care to list just a few. It goes beyond being a guide for “beauty from within” as it also provides direction for wellness: leading a healthy life in a realistic way. Very well written. If you are ready to make lasting changes and capture your glow, “The Ultimate Beauty Guide – Head to Toe Homemade Beauty Tips and Treatments for Your Body, Mind and Spirit” will help you uncover your personal best! Keep up the good work!”

Mary Jane Spiller – Certification Supervisor, Australia

Gary P.Starta
“What I learned from this comprehensive beauty guide was that beauty really isn’t only skin deep and it’s not about slathering on makeup. Providing recipes for beauty, just like a cook at a fine restaurant, Atar gives the reader natural remedies to keep their skin radiant and young. Want to relax while you bathe, how about a champagne bubble bath? I’m sure many women will find the suggestions in this book reaffirming the beauty of all, not just vixens in a Victoria Secret catalog.

You are what you eat so Atar provides a diet designed to keep your skin supple and soft. Eating correctly and adding supplements like Flaxseed oil will take care of oily skin. I bet you didn’t think almonds could comprise a beauty regimen but the author provides practical recipes that will make you a believer. Want to get rid of acne, maybe garlic and tea will help expel the cause. Find out a lot more in this comprehensive guide you will want to keep handy!”

Gary P.Starta – Author of “Caitlin Diggs Series”

Kristy Clark
“This book is exactly what the title says, the ultimate beauty guide from hair to your toes. It’s full of information about skin care for face, hands, feet, hair care, hair body removal, exercises, weight loss, massage techniques, soothing baths, and much more! The author Adi Atar also share recipes for face, hands, feet, hair care, hair body removal, diet meals… There is so much information in this book that I can’t even try to describe in my review. Great book!”

Kristy Clark – Author of “Diabetes Book Series”

* Testimonials Published With Client Permission.

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