The Beauty Dos & Don’ts for Covering Up Tattoos

Ah, tattoos. Once they go on, they don’t come off—unless you’ve got money to spend and aren’t afraid of lasers. In most instances, people end up regretting their ink, while others are more than happy to flaunt it. Of course, there may come a time when covering up tattoos is necessary, such as a wedding or job interview. Just as there are dos and don’ts for getting tattoos, the same can also be said for the process of covering them up.

DO: Know When to Seek a Professional
Need to cover up a small tattoo for an upcoming job interview? Chances are you’ll be fine taking care of this matter on your own. There are plenty of makeup products designed specifically for this purpose. Body makeup is going to be the best bet in most cases. Make sure to practice well in advance in order to perfect the results before the big interview.
Getting married? Entrust the coverage of your tattoo(s) to a professional makeup artist. Period.

DON’T: Use Cheap Products
Like traditional makeup items, it’s important to invest in quality. While not all products have to cost top dollar, there are those worth spending hard earned dollars on. Body makeup is one of them. People with tattoos will more than likely be required to cover up their ink again in the future, so it’s worth purchasing a product that promises flawless coverage and that you’ll be able to reuse again and again.

DO: Follow Instructions Given
Working with a professional makeup artist to cover up tattoos? Follow every single instruction they give you. There is a method to the madness. Failing to do what the makeup artist says will lower the odds of desirable results, as well as make their job that much harder. Save yourself the unnecessary stress and do as you’re told.

DON’T: Forget to Prep the Skin
The best way to guarantee terrible results is to apply coverup directly onto skin that hasn’t been prepped. Do you plan on covering your tattoos yourself? Make sure to use a makeup wipe to clean the area first. This will allow any makeup applied to set properly.

Having a professional makeup artist handle the task? If using airbrush makeup, they’ll have their own instructions for how to prep the skin, such as shaving the area where the tattoo is. Not doing this will affect the way the makeup looks afterward.

DO: Blend!
Any professional makeup artist knows that blending is the most important part of the coverage process. DIY types must also embrace the art of blending. Applying body makeup to the area isn’t enough. Without good blending, it will look like a big discolored splotch on top of the tattoo. Even the best color match requires blending for a flawless appearance.