Well Intentioned Skincare Actions You Should Actually Avoid

We all strive to do right by our skin, especially when it comes to aging and our complexions. Unfortunately, sometimes our well-intentioned skincare actions aren’t really in our skin’s best interest. So many home remedies and myths have circulated around aging and skincare over the years that it’s become easy to fall into step with what we think is supposed to work. However, science and research have come up with new discoveries that will change the way we look at anti-aging and basic skin care for good.

Old habits are hard to break, but with scientific research to back up these new insights into skincare, it’s worth learning how to break away from tired routines and measures that don’t really bring out the best in our complexions.

The Twice a Day Routine
Cleansing twice a day has always been the recommended routine and still stands true today. Washing in the morning and before bed is still beneficial for the complexion and hasn’t changed. However, those that tend to go overboard with over washing aren’t doing their face any favors. Cleansing too much only serves to strip the natural levels of moisture from the face.

Aside from morning and night, other times when it’s acceptable to cleanse in between include after working out or when removing layers of makeup that doesn’t need to remain on the complexion for the remainder of the evening.

The Pore Issue
Having large pores is one of the most common skincare nuisances there is. While most of us now know that it isn’t really possible to physically shrink the size of large pores, the latest findings now shed additional light on the reality of how the pores on our faces work. The latest shocker: pores don’t open and close.

So the expectation that slapping cold water onto the face will result in closing pores? No good. Making an appointment for a facial massage in the effort to improve circulation in the skin is somewhat effective, but the truth is that every day, moderate exercise is the best way to accomplish this. As far as the pores go, the latest research suggests that using cleanser while taking a warm shower is the ideal method for softening and loosening the oil, dirt and other bacteria that tend to accumulate inside pores. This occurs due to the steam from the shower.
Doing this on an as-needed basis will produce a healthier, natural glow and improved appearance of the pores.

The Do-It-All Cleanser
Unless stated clearly on the label, not all cleansers are formulated to take makeup off. Only using cleanser to remove everything from the face could still leave traces of dirt and makeup residue on the complexion. A more effective approach is to use a product intended for removing makeup first, such as a wipe/cleansing cloth, followed by using cleanser as normal.

The extra step may seem like a hassle but getting into this routine sooner than later will make for cleaner, happier skin.